City Walker is proud to give it’s users an insiders prospective of a given city. We use our regional knowledge to drive the search for the FREE City Walker App (Available on iOS and Android). To continue the insiders view, we have started to partner with local food, coffee, bar and culture writers. The purpose of this is 2 fold one by doing this we are able to give back to communities which we have launched our app and two who better to tell you about the city other than the people who live there? The locals POV is critical to the success of City Walker and we want to extend that voice through to our blog.

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Melisa Marzett Passionate writer blogger and marketing specialist

Melisa Marzett

A passionate writer, blogger, marketing specialist. My biggest interest is writing various pieces on lots of topics. I usually spend hours blogging and networking. I enjoy listening to music, going out and meeting my friends.

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food Nomad Baltimore and DC

Food Nomad

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Just a guy who likes food a lot. Like more than a friend. i’m searching for coffee, bourbon, and great food. hope you’ll enjoy my search. get some.

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