What Are The Best Hotel Bars In Philadelphia?

With the first weeks of college underway, for seniors it means that graduation is right around the corner. The time goes by faster than you can ever imagine. It is time to start making the transition into adulthood and start experiencing what it is like to network and drink in a professional setting. Hotel bars are a great way to meet different young professionals and make necessary connections that will help further your career. We have the best hotel bars in Philadelphia, in no particular order.

The Best Hotel Bars In Philadelphia

Square 1682 

If you like to try different cocktails, the drink list changes with the seasons! Located inside the Hotel Palomar, this modern, bi-level, restaurant offers delicious drinks as well as healthy food options and delectable treats.  

The Rittenhouse Hotel 

This high-end hotel and bar, right across from Rittenhouse Square park, has four different dining options. Lacroix, Bar 210, Library Bar, and Mary Cassatt Tea Room are sure to accommodate any of your cravings.

U.S Hotel & Bar 

Customers rave about the service and the staff and with great prices and an extensive drink menu, you can’t go wrong!

XIX Nineteen 

With a great view on the nineteenth floor of the Bellevue Hotel, this bar is known for its romantic atmosphere.  To complement the amorous vibe, the restaurant gets enthusiastic praise for its “perfect martinis and spectacular oysters.”

Experiencing different types of hotel bars will open you to the different types of people and give you the ability to make intelligent recommendations to prospective clients who are visiting. Being able to drink in a professional setting is very different than drinking at a fraternity party and learning the difference will be key in socializing with coworkers. 

There are a few things to consider when at a networking event, first the duration of the event. A longer event means you need to moderate the amount of alcohol you consume and choosing a drink with a lower alcohol content. This would be a beer or wine, since no one will think twice if you have more than one. If you are drinking wine it is best to stick to a white wine in case of spills and to avoid stains on your teeth.

If you can’t break away from your favorite mixed drink from that college bar, there are a few tricks to keeping it manageable. Ask for a watered down drink in a highball glass instead of a rocks glass. This will take you longer to drink be less potent.

The connections you will make in hotel bars may lead to a new job opportunity, a new client, or other important connections. Being able to conduct yourself appropriately is necessary but not always an easy transition from college binge drinking. What tricks have you learned for drinking in professional settings?

If downtown Philadelphia hotel bars aren’t your thing, grab a quick taxi ride out to West Chester and check out the nightlife scene.

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