Vital Power Breakfast Spots to Know in D.C.

The city’s power brokers run in their own social circles and tend to congregate in the same neighborhoods. But when real business needs to go down, it’s time to skip the evening cocktails and have breakfast. Discussing political and financial rumors are par for the course at these early morning meetings.

The establishments (yes, these places are “establishments”) where power breakfasts happen are clustered along a corridor. From Georgetown to Foggy Bottom to Lafayette Square, and then east to the Capitol Building, these spots are either at old-school cafes and restaurants or high-end eateries nside five-star hotels.

Proximity to the city’s and country’s biggest institutions is key. Having breakfast close to those who are in-the-know is worth whatever it costs to order some poached eggs and toast.

1 Art and Soul

Launched by Oprah’s former chef Art Smith, this restaurant is a destination for both gay and straight power brokers to lock down deals and enjoy the restaurant’s famous chicken and waffles on weekends.

Art and Soul


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