The New 1920s: New York’s Best Speakeasies

Typical New York nightlife with the club lights and loud music are a great way to spend a weekend. However, after watching an old movie like The Cotton Club or The Great Gatsby, Richard Gere and Robert Redford may have you wanting to go back to the bootleg days with fedoras and flapper dresses. Thankfully New York is also home to some of the best, new speakeasies. They are decorated in a vintage feel with quality, high-proof alcohol. We have reviewed some of what we think are the best.

Please Don’t Tell 

Stop into Crif Dogs for a bacon wrapped hot dog and find the secret entrance to wash it down with a martini. This intimate, hidden bar offers great service with speakeasy style and enter through a phone booth inside Crif Dogs. It only seats about 40 people, so if you don’t want to wait and enjoy a hot dog, reservations can be made.

67 Orange Street 

With a misleading name, this bar is host to Harlem’s bi-level vintage speakeasy. Along with drinks made the old fashion way, the spicy popcorn and the Lucy Juicy Sliders are amazing. The cocktails are a little on the pricey side, but strong.

Angel’s Share 

Cool cocktails made with impressive, high-quality ingredients are served at this well hidden bar in the East Village. Enter through what looks like a storage closet in the Village Yokocho, but do not arrive with more than four people, you will be turned away.The Bananas Foster Cocktail is a must, the food is much less expensive than the drinks, but the drinks are worth the money.


No menus, no problem! Just let the bartender know what you are in the mood for, and they will mix you something delicious.This low-key bar is marked only by a nondescript “AB” on the front door. Not the easiest to get into, but a great spot for people who like to try new and different drinks.

Bathtub Gin 

Looking for drinks and a show? A live burlesque show is here on Sunday and Tuesday nights.Small plates of food are served with gin-based drinks, and the staff is very friendly. In the back of a coffee shop, this speakeasy has a romantic 20s vibe with drinks served in tea pots.

While many of these bootleg style bars often cost more, the appeal is being able to go back in time and experience the prohibition era. The fad of the speakeasy is growing due to the elite feeling customers get from knowing the hidden location of a special bar. While jazz clubs help to introduce visitors to a new culture and expand their taste in music, these secret bars bring the customers back in time.

These are nightlife gems, but the point is that they are are not supposed to be well known about. Unless a friend can tell you about these places how do you find them?

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