The Breakfast Club Will Pop Up With Brunch at McGreevy’s

More breakfast for Boylston Street.

A popular Allston diner has plans to bring its brunch to a pub on Boylston Street during weekends in March. The Breakfast Club will schlep its themed breakfast and brunch menu into Back Bay, serving plenty of Library Specials, eggs Benedict, and Nutella waffles.

According to an Instagram post from McGreevy’s — an Irish pub and sports bar from the Dropkick Murphy’s leader Ken Casey — The Breakfast Club menu will be available during the weekends in March.

The pop-up starts on March 5, and it appears the usual Breakfast Club breakfast menu will be available. A video McGreevy’s shared on its Facebook page reimagines the “being bad never felt so good” line from the Allston restaurant, saying “breakfast on Boylston never looked so good.”

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