Skiing in Tahoe? Top 5 après-ski

Tahoe, one of the best ski destinations, is famous not only for its spectacular slopes and terrains, but also the fun and intriguing relaxation spots. After enjoying the beautiful and scenic mountain views and terrains, you can unwind at any of the serene lodges that offer fine dining, dancing and other exciting activities. Your evening will be complete in any of these five apres-ski spots.

Skiing in Lake Tahoe

Unbuckle in Heavenly

Unbuckle is a ski lodge that offers delicious food and drinks to skiers during the day and has an amazing club scene at night. The lodge is popular not only with Heavenly skiers, but also visitors from surrounding areas. The food at Unbuckle is cheap and delicious, thus attracting many people. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this apres-ski spot is its amazing transformation from a relaxing and cozy eatery by day to an eccentric dance spot at night.

The Unbuckle apres- ski spot attracts crowds of all ages with its vibrant night scene. The popular entertainment spot is also known for its music, dancing and affordable drinks. It is common to find non-skiers coming to the Heavenly resort just to enjoy the entertainment at Unbuckle.


Sugar Bowl Lodge

For the ski enthusiasts who prefer to take short ski vacations, Sugar Bowl in Tahoe is the ideal destination. Residents of San Francisco and Sacramento can access the place with a few hours’ drive. Skiers can end an exciting day at the slopes at the Sugar Bowl lodge that offers fine dining and wine in a relaxing and serene atmosphere of its elegant dining room.

Visitors who enjoy a quiet and soothing evening will appreciate the elegant restaurant at the Sugar Bowl lodge. The Lodge dates back to the 1930s and its unique design is inspired by the old European rustic style. Visitors can also enjoy cozy overnight accommodation that has ski-in and ski-out access. Other relaxing activities at the Lodge include a yoga studio, spa and pool area.


Squaw Valley Lodge

Squaw Valley is one of the most popular and scenic slopes in Lake Tahoe. The slopes at the world-renowned ski resort are popular as they cater to all ski levels. Visitors who come to Squaw Valley cannot resist relaxing at the elegant and serene Squaw Valley Lodge. The lodge has a serene atmosphere that offers the guests a quiet and soothing environment to relax after skiing. Visitors can also opt to spend a few days at the Lodge with cozy accommodation that have an amazing view of the mountains.

The Squaw Valley Lodge is also surrounded by a lovely European style village with various relaxation spots such as cozy restaurants, beautiful art galleries and a variety of shops. Guests can also have fun at the ice skating rink.


Base Camp Hotel and Desolation Brewery

The Base Camp Hotel and Desolation Brewery is an excellent relaxation spot for skiers around the Heavenly slopes. Guests at the Basecamp can enjoy their favorite drinks and delicious food around spitfires. The cozy outdoor scenery attracts many skiers as they can also enjoy live music and exciting conversations around the fire. The Base Camp Hotel is an ideal location for family and friends with a love for good food, drinks and lively music.


Azul Latin Kitchen

Azul Latin Kitchen is a favorite eatery spot for many skiers around the Heavenly slopes. The restaurant is known for its specialty of delicious California style Mexican cuisine. Skiers can also relax on the restaurant’s patio, where they can enjoy lovely live music with their evening margaritas.

Lake Tahoe has a variety of exciting apres-ski locations. Ski lovers can now add that exciting spark to their evening by selecting the ideal apres-ski location.

Savannah is an experienced traveller and photographer who loves winter sports and mountains. Whenever not working at, she’s at the slopes in the US or Europe. She’s also keen on yoga and fitness.


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