Rounding Out Your Experience: City Walker’s New Categories

Being in a new city is always exciting! The hustle and bustle of natives, the woosh of cab cars, it can disorient anybody. What do you do? Where do you go? How do you find what you want other than attempting to stop someone to ask? Philadelphia is known for their cheesesteaks, but does the street vendor on the corner or the restaurant uptown do it better? You need the scoop from locals who have tried them both.

As thrilling as traveling can be, without tons of research ahead of time it can be a headache and that cuts down on spontaneity. Being impulsive is what produces some of the best vacation memories. Google maps and Yelp reviews can help, if you want to have to look up everything multiple times.

New City Walker Searches

You find the place with the good Points of View, but then looking up the directions to find out that it is on the opposite side of the city. It can be a tireless cycle and after a long day of walking, finding a place to get pampered before a night out should be easy and the start of your relaxation.

City Walker started with simple needs like Food, Drink and Shopping and today is announcing that we have expanded to 12 categories. With the push of a button the best nightlife, salons and must-see places are right in front of you. Most importantly, there is even a category for ATMs to help keep the fun going all night.  All of your traveling needs are now in one simple, and free app.

The categories now include: Feed Me, Need a Drink, Grab a Coffee, Culture, Shopping, Make Me Pretty, Things to Do, Fashion, Places to See, Keep the Faith, Late Night, Get Money. Visiting local attractions and places of worship will allow you to experience the full flavor for the culture and not just the flavor of the food.

With new searching options we need more people like you to help rate and review places for fellow travelers. What is your favorite salon? Where do you go to confession after a wild night out? Download the app to share!

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