Philly’s Best Under-the-Radar Breakfast Spots

Philly is full of big-dog breakfast spots. But there’s more to a good morning in Philadelphia than perennially-packed Green EggsSabrina’s, and Honey’s, and really, waiting in Disney World-long lines ought to be considered a crime when there’s such a bounty of wondrous and delicious options in the city. While those spots are decent, and the portions gargantuan, it’s the little guys, the ones your neighborhood can’t live without, that make breakfast such a celebrated convenience in Philly.

Here now, nine places to check out that do breakfast better than most, in no particular order.

1 Brunic’s Luncheonette

South Philly at its best, Brunics is a greasy spoon without any of the grease. The food is simple — typical to that of any neighborhood luncheonette, but at Brunics, it just tastes better. There’s an effortlessness about the cooking, as if they’re trying to prove something, though surely they aren’t. But maybe, just maybe, it doesn’t have to take fancy chef to make a great omelette; maybe a neighborhood guy who’s been doing it for 25 years can do it just the same.

brunic's Luncheonette

2000 S 17th St
Philadelphia, PA, 19145
(215) 755-7645 |

2 Café y Chocolate

This brightly mural’d Mexican café in deep South Philly has made quite the name for itself, in spite of its rather lonesome location. The brightly painted (inside and out) restaurant might have the friendliest service in town to complement a vast menu of Mexican brunchy favorites, from stellar chorizo scrambles to the epic Huevos Motuleños Especiales — think huevos rancheros on steroids. The Oaxacan hot chocolate is to die for, so make sure to order it, and kick back and enjoy the warmth that transcends the food into the soul of the restaurant.

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