Best Museums to Visit According to locals: Seattle Edition

Museum to Visit: Seattle Edition

The perks of living in a city are vast. You have the walkability factor, being able to step out of your door front and venture into a bustling mix of people and events. The benefit of different cultures and cuisine due to the large populations of diverse people inhabiting the city. And then there is the tourist stops that are scattered throughout the city, stops in which locals can take advantage of any day of the week. As if that is not enough, the city of Seattle Washington invites its local and tourists to its museums free of charge every first Thursday of each month. Let us browse the buildings of artifacts and art that are at our fingertips.



The Seattle Art Museum located on fourth avenue in downtown Seattle is an avenue of artistic genius. A fantastic place for any traveler or local who appreciates the beauty of creative work, by famous and local artists. SAM allows you to explore the building by yourself or by guided tours with artists themselves who walk you through their interpretations. A structure you literally cannot miss thanks to the massive man hammering on the museum’s doorsteps, but also an experience you cannot miss out on either. The museum encompasses projects of passion and talent that are on rotation so each time you visit it is a new adventure.



The Museum of Pop Culture, formerly known as Experience Music Project Museum is nothing short of an experience. The building itself is impressive, constructed by the inspiration of melted guitar pieces and bright colors the structure stands proud and loud next to the Space Needle. Inside its walls the museums hosts collections of music, movies and you guessed it – anything and everything pop culture related.  MoPop has the world’s largest LED screens that continuously play music and visuals for its guests to enjoy. Varying themes throughout its rooms, anyone and everyone enjoys a stop at MoPop.



The Museum of History and Industry walks its guests through the history and development of Seattle. A newly remodeled building, located on the shore of Lake Union, the new MOHAI is a beauty and a welcomed piece into Seattle architecture. The museum presents artifacts and rare pieces that have been collected to display the deep history the city has. Experience the great fire through a musical performance by inanimate objects or the depths of innovation through the rise of technology in the Northwest during the 80’s and 90’s. A great place for those local or someone passing thru to learn more about the history of the Emerald City.


Pacific Science Center

A handson, family friendly establishment the Pacific Science Center is an expedition of knowledge. Walk through  a butterfly room, a planetarium, and even amongst dinosaurs. The museum has hundreds of hands- on adventures for children and adults to emerge themselves into the exhibits. The Pacific Science Center also has additional laser shows accompanied by music from artists such as The Beatles and Michael Jackson. If you are still researching something to do on New Year’s Eve check out the museum’s Spectra event, a night at the museum with a front row seat to the fireworks atop the Space Needle or any of other New Year’s Eve events in Seattle noted here. The Pacific Science Center is a wonderful place for the curious mind to explore and for the whole family to enjoy.


Chihuly Garden and Glass

An astonishing display of artistic talent, the Chihuly Blown Glass Museum is a wonderfully decorated new edition to the city of Seattle. Since opening at the Seattle Center in 2012 Chihuly has been a must stop for tourists and locals because of its beauty and detailed pieces of art. At this museum, you can watch videos of Dale Chihuly’s history with blown glass and the process in which he creates and executes his designs. A breathtaking exhibit, be sure to swing by because it will blow your mind.


The museums in Seattle are awe-inspiring and educational so be sure to check them out on a free Thursday or as part of your City Pass. The options are abundant, luckily for us there are 12 first Thursdays every year.

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