Local Buys in the Borough: West Chester Pennsylvania

Local Buys in the Borough West Chester Pennsylvania

Local Buys in the Borough: West Chester Pennsylvania

The holidays have arrived and thus the countdown begins. The advent calendars are being opened and the elf on the shelf starts to navigate his way through our homes. The holiday parties start rolling in and the holiday music is ingrained in us for the next 3 weeks. Meanwhile the stress of completing Christmas shopping is intertwined with the festivities. Now that black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed and there are still presents to buy let’s look local. West Chester Pennsylvania has local stores that may just have what you have been searching for for that special someone.


Fairman’s Skate Shop


A family owned skateboard shop that has been operating for over four decades. This store has skateboards, skateboard accessories, and apparel. It hosts brands such as Adidas, Spitfire, Volcom, and more. Fairman’s is great for the skateboarder but the store has clothes, shoes and winter attire for any stylish shopper.


Malena’s Boutique


Malena’s is a one of a kind shop in West Chester. A vintage store with beautiful gowns that make you stop at the storefront and understand why they coined the term window shopping. When you walk in you feel like you’ve been transported back in time with all the fashions of the 1920s. A fantastic shop for a one of a kind gift or a new year’s eve outfit. The clothing is expensive but the store has vintage accessories and an ever changing sale rack.



Moonflower, like its name is unique. The store is full of different jewelry pieces that would make any outfit pop. An overwhelming amount of merchandise this store will absolutely provide some stocking stuffers for your shopping list. A hippy vibe with essence burning while you shop, the store has patches, pins, and peace signs galore. A must stop- in while exploring West Chester.


Greene Street Consignment


There are a handful of thrift stores in the borough but Greene Street is the best. With trendy and good condition used pieces at a discounted price how could you go wrong? One of the new thrift shops in town, Greene Street has used brand name items for the economical shopper. Whether you are looking for a gift or an outfit for the next holiday party this store can help you accomplish the task without breaking the bank. This location gets different merchandise throughout the seasons, so you can be stylish while also helping the environment anytime of the year.




The epitome of a local boutique. Kaly has been part of West Chester for over a quarter of a century and continues to thrive. The store that once was focused on solely women’s fashion now has books, gifts, and an entire baby section. A common factor between all of the merchandise sold at Kaly, the owners search out fair trade items. The majority of the children’s gifts are eco-friendly and many of the clothing items are handmade. A special spot in historic Philadelphia where you can be sure to find some holiday presents.


Shopping local can be fun and it helps the community prosper. After all the online purchases and the madness of bargain deals, a nice walk around the borough with a cup of coffee and the Christmas spirit can help alleviate the stress of lolo buying.

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