Don’t Call This New Basement Bar a Speakeasy

When The Armory opens below Rebellion on Feb. 17, it aims to be more sophisticated than its wing-slinging, bourbon-guzzling parent bar upstairs. But despite its steep-stair basement entrance on 18th Street NW, bearded beverage director, and dramatic metal door, the owner wants to strike a buzzword from the conversation: “I don’t want to use the term ‘speakeasy,’ because we’re not going to do any passwords, reservations, or anything like that,” says Brian Westlye. “We want it to be almost the anti-speakeasy, where it’s very approachable and you feel comfortable.”

Westlye prefers to call the basement bar a “test kitchen” because cocktails birthed below ground can graduate to the Rebellion menu if they prove to be hits. Read the full article

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