Breakfast in the Burbs: The 101 in West Chester, PA

If you venture beyond the streets of Philadelphia, (yes Bruce, walk the avenue until your feet feel like stone) here you’ll find a suburb called West Chester. 30 minutes outside city, this historical town stands with an avenue of abundant dining selections. City Walker starts you off with breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

Breakfast in the Burbs West Chester, PA

Whether you are off to start another work day or looking for a satisfying brunch spot on the weekend the West Chester breakfast options are plentiful. Let’s dive in and explore our scrapple filled options.

Market Street Grill:

A local diner that offers both breakfast and lunch and big old cups of joe. The food is your typical all American grub with playful takes on plates like eggs Benedict over cornbread. The atmosphere is causal and kid friendly. The wait here can be an issue if you are to go during peak hours, but be sure to admire the superhero artwork while you do.

The Classic Diner:

Don’t let the the word diner mislead you. This place is an upscale breakfast joint that feels more like a restaurant than a diner and with that comes delicious fresh food. If you are that organic vegan patron than this place will satisfy your palate. Classic is small and when the restaurant is full it can feel a bit crowded, so do not go there excepting to have an intimate brunch, unless you want to have it with 15 other strangers. This spot also offers take out from their in house bakery if you are on the run. Definitely a great spot for some healthy delicious dining.

Penn’s Table:

Table or at the bar are indoor seating options or sit outside on the sidewalk in the heart of West Chester. This breakfast joint’s menu offers you the standard brunch menu but the outside dining is the real grab. Come here with your dog and watch the hustle and bustle of the town all while enjoying their delicious grillers.

Nudy’s Cafe:

One of the their locations is located in West Chester and offers a brunch menu including loaded waffles. The real sell on this place is the indoor outdoor seating and a parking lot. This location is a larger and more open floor plan than most in West Chester which is ideal is you are maneuvering a stroller or do not want to feel cramped while dining.

Jaco Juice & Taco Bar:

A great on the go spot where you can get a filling burrito and a smoothie curbside. This place is a nice change of pace in the morning when you want coffee and breakfast but do not want the typical run of the mill stops. Everything is made to order and done so promptly. An absolute treat to get you through hump day or to take with you on your weekend morning walk.

Living in West Chester has made the breakfast goer’s life a challenge but the streets have faith in you. Let your pancake craving belly guide you through the cobblestone to one of these satisfying restaurants. But be sure to leave room for dessert and stay tuned to City Walker’s Blog as the 101 on sweets is even more scrumptious.

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