A Big Night Out or a Broken Nail: The Best Salons in DC

If you are having a big night out, or just looking to pamper yourself DC has some wonderful salons with highly rated professions that will make you look twice in the mirror. It is great to have so many options around, but how do you choose which salon is best for what you want? Nails, hair, makeup, City Walker has a recommendation for each service.


Michael Anthony Salon 

From cut to color the stylists do an impeccable job every time. The staff is very friendly and the service is great, they never leave you waiting. They offer all of the usual hair and nail services as well as facials, peels and makeup application. Men can also enjoy a straight razor shave.

Glynn Jones Salon 

Everyone has had the experience of a hair stylist that was too chatty and ruined the salon experience. The staff here can keep the conversation without talking your ear off and trying to get too personal. They are very considerate of your time and detail oriented when you make special notes about what you want. The service is always great and everyone leaves looking great!

David Rios Salon & Spa 

A well-run salon with top notch nail technicians as well as amazing stylists. The stylists know how to work with all types of hair even fine hair that is prone to damage from heat and products. The shampooing and head massage is a customer favorite, and adds to the relaxing experience of a day at the salon.

Parlour Salon 

Specializing in curly hair and trendy styles the Parlour stylists definitely have mastered their craft. They offer excellent advice on products and styles that will look best with your specific hair type. The prices are reasonable and the stylists can fix any artless cut regardless of where you got it. The only drawback to this salon is tips are cash only, so be prepared.

Karma by Erwin Gomez 

If you are looking for a new place to get your eyebrows done, then Karma is where you want to be. They also provide great hairstyles and manicures at competitive prices. It doesn’t matter long long you have gone since having your gel or acrylic nails filled, for only $40 they will be looking brand new.  

Image you are having a girls getaway weekend. The weather forecast says 80 degrees and sunny and you are all ready to hit the town. Then there is a shriek from the other room, it turns out Julie only brought strappy heels and forgot her nail polish. You can’t go out with naked toes so there must be a detour for pedicures.

Now on a more masculine note, your boss has sent you to DC to pitch a new client and it is pertinent that this goes well. You know all of the materials and have your presentation all ready but what you could really use is a fresh haircut to give your confidence and extra boost. You don’t have a lot of time so what is the best place that is also close by?  

All types of unexpected scenarios can pop up while you are traveling, and who are your going to trust to help solve them? You could ask the first person you see outside, but the more information you have the better. Get stories and feedback from locals who visit these places everyday with the new City Walker App that has more category choices to help get you what you need.

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