Best Rooftop Bars in Washington DC, The Experience of Eating

Pizza, pasta, juice, sometimes you have a craving for something more exotic with a unique view. Branching out of your comfort zone and trying different types of cuisine can be a delightful surprise and bring you closer to culture. The way food is prepared and the social activities we conduct while preparing food varies based on location. If you are looking for something new, you should try one of these amazing rooftop bars.

Rooftop Bars in DC

  • Restaurant Marvin – Offering a mix of Belgian and Southern food, this rooftop bar is a tribute to Marvin Gaye. They have a great selection of beers, and has a wonderful whisky sour. The scallops on shaved brussel sprouts with bacon is excellent and the chicken and waffles have truly earned its reputation.
  • Ambar – Open for lunch and dinner during the week and includes brunch on the weekend, this mediterranean and balkan style cuisine. If you are looking for something new, try the regional wines and traditional rakia. The calamari with spicy pepper topping was cooked perfectly. With a $4 happy hour menu, there is no reason not to try something new and different.
  • Nooshi – Delicious sushi with a great variety await bargain hunters at this Pan-Asian bar. The rooftop dining is fun in the spring and summer months and the lounge vibe is very relaxing. If you aren’t a fan of sushi, the ginger salad, tofu fries and thai iced tea are all wonderful options.

City Walker works to bring travelers to new experiences and get a well rounded sense of where you are visiting.  Since food is a universal necessity, it often is a reflection of what is available in a given location and their values. Indian food does not contain beef because of the significant role cows play in their culture, and asian food is often served with rice since it grows abundantly in parts of Asia. Mexican food often contains tomatoes and chilies (salsa) because they both grow well in warm climates. By branching out you can get a flavor for the culture the food came from, and City Walker helps you find the best new experiences that are close by.


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