Best Irish Pubs in New York

City Walker works to bring you the best, local experience possible! With detailed reports from  everywhere from jazz bars to Italian restaurants to hidden bars, there is something for every mood. What are the other best places in New York to spend a night out? Irish pubs! They are  full of rich culture and amazing beer.

best irish pub in New YorkAn Beal Bocht Cafe

Drinks, theater, comedy and poetry, what more can you want? The fresh spices and quality ingredients are complemented by an authentic atmosphere. There is a wide variety of beers on tap and microbrews to try. There is always some kind of entertainment going on. There is nothing else like this place in Riverdale.

The Dead Rabbit 

Highlighting the revival of way-downtown nightlife this two story bar which includes a lunch taproom and a parlor that serves small plates and unique cocktails. The lamb potpie is a must try along with the many whiskeys to choose from. The drink menu changes seasonally, so there is always something new and different to try.

McSorley’s Old Ale House 

Around since 1854, this East Village saloon looks like it has been untouched by time. It has professionally surly bartenders that serve light and dark house brews. No music and sawdust on the floor adds to the authenticity and atmosphere. The cheese plate pairs nicely with both beer options and the mustard is amazing but definitely has a kick.

The Wicked Monk 

This bar with authentic monastery decor, has fantastic burgers and is very cautious of food allergies and helpful in providing information about the food and possible allergens. The food and bar menu have some very inventive items and this place is great at accommodating large groups of people.

Sean Ogs 

Great Irish pub! Great food and drinks, the beer and burger combo is amazing. There are plenty of TVs, dart boards and music to keep the vibe fun. Watch out for fights, the crowd can get rowdy which is entertaining to watch. The best Guinness in Woodside and everything is reasonably priced.

It may not be Saint Patrick’s Day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate like the Irish. Maybe you got a promotion, there is a birthday, or you simply made it through the week, all of these are a reason to grab a Guinness and do a jig.

There are two types of Irish dance, the first is a step dance, where you move your feet very quickly while keeping the upper body and and arms rigid. The second is called a jig or reel which uses a soft shoe and has steps that are set to specific songs. Have a drink and grab a partner and see if you are as good as Riverdance. I can guarantee that the more you drink the better you will think you are!

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