The Best Baltimore Burger Spots Across the City

While Baltimore and Maryland are best known for their crabs they can also make a killer burger. A quick guide to our favorite burger joints.

bourbon steak burger

Abbey Burger Bistro

Abbey is two stories of burger heaven, and not just any kind of burger, either. Abbey’s specialty is creating burgers from various kinds of meat, some completely odd, but all completely delicious.

Must Eat Burger: The Spicy Korean Duck


Apropoe’s serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. If you’re thinking, “hey, what’s up with that weird spelling and apostrophe?” I wondered the same thing myself until I realized that it’s a reference to Edgar Allan Poe, the American writer of dark tales and poetry who died and is buried here in Baltimore. You can pretty much ignore the name if it bothers you that much, as they don’t serve roasted raven with Amontillado sauce, although there is a Poe burger.

Must Eat Burger: The Poe

Wit & Wisdom

The chef at Wit & Wisdom is Zack Mills, a Maryland native with a love for local ingredients and a wealth of knowledge about Chesapeake Bay-area cuisine. However, Wit is not a Maryland-style seafood restaurant. Sure, local treats like blue crab, oysters, and rockfish appear on the menu, but so do Mina favorites like Michael’s Maine lobster pot pie and “Bourbon Steak” burger, and a selection of pasture-raised beef and bison steaks.

Must Eat Burger: The Bourbon Steak

Heavy Seas Alehouse

Fifth-generation Baltimorean Hugh Sisson turned his family’s eponymous Federal Hill beer bar into Maryland’s first brewpub in 1989. But having more interest in beer than bar, Hugh left Sisson’s to open Clipper City Brewing Company, which grew and morphed into Heavy Seas. Now the company has come full circle with the opening of two pubs, one in Baltimore and one in Arlington.

Must Eat Burger: The Alehouse

Johnny Rad’s

Johnny’s is famous for their pizza. It’s mostly Neapolitan-style, but because their brick oven is gas-fired, not wood-fired, they like to call it “Baltipolitan.” In any case, the pizzas are delish, and there are several vegan options. They also have snacky things like hush puppies and risotto balls, salads, and sandwiches like a fat bacon burger, and cheesesteaks, which like the pizzas, can be veganized for your pleasure with non-animal meat.

Must Eat Burger: The Portabella

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