A Healthy Living Guide to the Juice Bars in Washington DC

The Juice craze has been taking over the US for quite some time now. Despite research being mixed on the health benefits, juicers will swear by their younger looking skin, youthful energy or a detox of the gut. DC is no exception to this craze.

Here’s our guide to locals favorite hip Juice Bars

Juice Bar Washington DC

The Juice Laundry

Located down in the Navy Yard neighborhood, Juice Laundry can tap into the hip millennial local crowd or inspire someone leaving The Nationals Stadium to help clear them out. Their mission is simple and straight forward.

We Are Raw.
We Are Fresh.
We Are Clean.
We Are Organic.
We Are Curious.
We Are Passionate.
We Are Transparent.
We Leave A Gentle Footprint.


Gregg Rozeboom dreamed of a restaurant where his family could eat the highest quality, healthiest, 100% plant-based food available. He, along with his dad and brother Bruce, visited top-notch juice bars and healthy restaurants in major cities across the country and created his vision for the restaurant. He turned that dream into a reality when Fruitive opened in May 2012. Fruitive’s passion to bring organic options to the market has led us to become the first Certified Organic restaurant in Virginia and one of only two in Washington, DC.

JACO Juice & Taco Bar

<EDITOR NOTE: My personal favorite on the list!>
Jaco Juice & Taco Bar has a simple Mission: Make it with Love – Make it Healthy – Make it Quick. They offer a variety of tasty bites, nourishing juices and tasty smoothies, JACO offers something for everyone in the family. Stop in or walk up to our window for great food, friendly service and good vibes!

JRINK Juicery

Packing an insane 5 pounds of healthy jammed in every bottle. Jrink Juicery Mission is after weeks of not taking care of yourself, you’re bloated & nutrient deficient. Yuppp, we’ve been there, and are here to help.

That’s just a few of the amazing juice bars helping wash the bull shit off from DC and live a healthier life. Happy Juicing

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