18 Best Fried Chicken Dishes in Los Angeles, 2016 Edition

Few dishes are as results-driven and obvious in the quality of execution at first bite than a proper fried chicken. Your average fried bird experience has three components: the white meat, which tends overcooked, dried and inedible at worst and juicy and slightly supple when properly executed and/or brined, and the dark meat, which is generally idiot-proof in execution but fattier and richer than its white meat counterparts. The final component is the batter. Is it loose and shield-like in its composition?

Does it cling to the skin of the meat like it was pressure-cooked? Is it scattered with salty, nutty, stucco-like morsels of batter? Finished with salt and pepper, paprika or shichimi togarashi? Regardless of how you like it, fried chicken is a dish that engenders fierce loyalty and even more heated debate, and we’ve found a type to please just about everyone in Los Angeles. Without further ado, the 18 best fried chickens in Los Angeles, presented alphabetically.

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